How to upgrade your car headlights: let your driving safer, more comfortable

When it comes to car auxiliary equipment, you can easily ignore the importance of the headlight. In fact, a good headlight organization will bring you many benefits, such as a better driving experience and higher security. In this blog, we will share how to upgrade your car headlights, let you drive safer, more comfortable.

A popular automobile headlight upgrade method is to replace all the LED lens. All the LED lens need higher cost, but can improve the light brightness and clarity, and can reduce energy consumption and prolong service life. Many full LED lens is equipped with a low risk safety design of the LED chip and drive, in order to improve the lighting quality and to reduce lights flashing.

Downstream products: intelligent controller

In addition to the individual to replace all the LED lens to improve the performance of headlight organization, you can also install a intelligent controller, to provide more comprehensive headlight upgrade solution. Type intelligent controller can use phase control to adjust the output of the LED bulbs, thus providing more bright lights. It can also use the headlight environmental sensors, automatically adjust the headlight brightness and color temperature. In addition, the intelligent controller can also be a smart alarm functions, including flashing lights and automatic shutdown function, in order to improve the safety of the headlight.

Comprehensive upgrade scheme: intelligent controller + LED lens

For a more comprehensive upgrade program, you can consider using intelligent controller and the LED lens both combined. The combination of the two products can provide more widespread and the lasting effect, make your car headlights better adapt to drive at night. Intelligent controller can help you to quickly switch in different driving conditions, and all the LED lens provide higher light brightness and clarity, reduce energy consumption while maintaining high quality lights.


Now the headlight upgrade is no longer simply improve the light brightness and clarity. Try to use all the LED lens or upgrade scheme based on intelligent controller to achieve more comprehensive is a recommended strategy. In any case, upgrade the headlight will help you to improve the safety and comfort of driving at night.