Commercial Buick GL8 modification plan

Buick GL8 commercial vehicle modification program, currently Buick GL8 has a good product performance in the Chinese market, suitable for business reception, travel, business trips, family car characteristics, and is also a very cost-effective model, so some businesses still use Buick GL8 as a Mainly modified cars, the following LFC will introduce a Buick GL8 upgraded and modified model.

The steering wheel of the original Buick GL8 car lacks a sense of movement, the luster is dull and ordinary, and the handle is average. After upgrading the steering wheel with mahogany double-joint: full of sporty feeling, beautiful and atmospheric, continuing the mahogany grain decoration of the original car interior, making the whole vehicle feel harmonious. Increase the feel and friction, prevent hand sweating and slipping, reduce vibration, increase sensitivity and safety, and improve driving experience. It is modified on the basis of the original steering wheel, and does not affect the normal work of airbags, buttons and other parts!

Compared with the previous seats, the first-class air seats used in the second row have been significantly improved in terms of comfort and functional configuration. At the same time, there are foldable small table boards behind the main and co-pilot seats for easy storage of items. or work. In terms of film and television, the whole car is equipped with a high-quality audio system, and it is more direct in creating entertainment! In terms of floor, this car is equipped with a high-grade mirror floor, combined with the roof, which greatly enhances the interior atmosphere of the vehicle. TV is essential for entertainment and aesthetics, it can pass the boring time on the go.

The third row uses electric sofa bed seats, which is convenient for our daily rest, and the top is also covered with imported suede, which makes us feel very good when we touch it. In short, the Buick GL8 has been refitted and inherited the calm and atmospheric layout, and it also shows a unique domineering and powerful aura. The reasonable space utilization makes us have its uniqueness whether it is for home use or business use