How to create the safety and beauty of driving at night with Mercedes-Benz Weiting laser full LED meteor headlights?

Mercedes-Benz Weiting is a high-end commercial vehicle, and its laser all-LED meteor headlight is its latest configuration, which integrates laser, LED, digital and other technologies to achieve ultra-high brightness, ultra-long irradiation distance and ultra-strong intelligent adjustment function. This paper will introduce the advantages and characteristics of Mercedes-Benz Weiting laser full LED meteor headlights, and how it can bring safer, more beautiful and more intelligent lighting experience for driving at night.


* * Highlights of laser full LED meteor headlights * *


-Efficient and energy-saving laser light source. Laser light source is one of the most advanced automobile lighting technologies at present. Its luminous efficiency is 10 times that of halogen lamp and 3 times that of LED lamp, and it can produce extremely high brightness with extremely low power consumption. The color temperature of laser light source is close to sunlight, which can restore the real color and improve the visual comfort of driving at night. The life of the laser light source is also very long, which can reach more than 100,000 hours and basically does not need to be replaced.


-Accurate and flexible LED array. LED array is the core part of laser all-LED meteor headlight, which consists of hundreds of LED units, each of which can be controlled independently to realize accurate brightness and angle adjustment. LED array can automatically adjust the shape and direction of light beam according to road conditions, facing vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, etc., to avoid glare and improve lighting effect. LED array can also achieve dynamic light effects, such as meteor shower at start-up, indicator light at turning, warning light at braking, etc., and increase the beauty and interest of the car lights.


-Advanced and intelligent digital system. Digital system is the brain of laser all-LED meteor headlight. It collects the information of surrounding environment through the camera, radar, navigation and other sensors on the vehicle, and controls and optimizes the LED array in real time through chips and algorithms. The digital system can also be linked with other systems of the vehicle, such as adjusting the direction of headlights in advance according to the navigation route, or automatically switching between low beam and high beam according to the vehicle speed, or automatically adjusting the brightness and color temperature of light according to the weather.


* * Technical principle of laser full LED meteor headlight * *


The technical principle of laser full-LED meteor headlights is that the laser light source is used as a high-brightness light source, and the laser light is converted into visible light through a series of reflections and refractions, and then dispersed and adjusted through the LED array to form a beam suitable for driving. Specifically, the working process of laser full LED meteor headlights is as follows:


-First, the laser light source emits a high-energy laser beam, which passes through a set of lenses and is focused on a special fluorescent substance to make it emit blue fluorescent light.

-Then, the fluorescent light passes through a yellow filter to convert the blue fluorescent light into white visible light, and at the same time, the excess ultraviolet light and infrared light are filtered out to ensure the quality and safety of the light.

-Then, the white visible light passes through a set of mirrors, reflecting the light to the rear of the LED array, forming a uniform backlight to provide sufficient brightness for the LED array.

-Finally, the LED array switches and adjusts each LED unit according to the instructions of the digital system, and disperses and deforms the backlight to form different beam patterns to adapt to different driving scenes.


* * Intelligent function of laser full LED meteor headlights * *


The intelligent function of laser all-LED meteor headlight is realized by digital system, which is a complex system integrating camera, radar, navigation, chip, algorithm and other technologies. It can perceive the surrounding environmental information in real time, accurately control and optimize the LED array, and realize the following intelligent functions:


-Adaptive far and near light. Digital system can automatically switch between high beam and low beam according to vehicle speed, opposite vehicle and road conditions, so as to ensure the lighting effect and safety of driving at night. When the opposite vehicle approaches, the digital system can adjust the LED array locally, so as to reduce the brightness of some light beams of the opposite vehicle and avoid the glare of the other side, while keeping the other light beams unchanged and maintaining the illumination range and clarity.

-Intelligent turn signal. The digital system can automatically adjust the direction of the headlights according to the signal of the turn signal or the navigation route, so that the light beam can folloShow different lighting effects and atmosphere, and enhance the personality and charm of Mercedes-Benz Weiting. For example, the laser full-LED meteor headlight can show the light effect of meteor shower when it is started, which symbolizes the high-end and dignity of Mercedes-Benz Weiting. When driving, the laser full LED meteor headlights can change different colors and rhythms according to the speed and music, creating a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. When parking, the laser full LED meteor headlights can simulate the light effect of the starry sky, providing a romantic and warm space for the passengers of Mercedes-Benz Weiting. Laser full-LED meteor headlights are not only lighting tools of Mercedes-Benz Weiting, but also works of art of Mercedes-Benz Weiting, showing the unique style and taste of Mercedes-Benz Weiting.