The advantages of upgrading Mercedes Benz Vito halogen lights to full LDE car lightsMei de se si Wei ting car headlights upgrade refit led headlights

The advantages of upgrading Mercedes Benz Vito halogen lights to full LDE car lights

Mercedes-Benz MPV is a Mercedes-Benz brand with spacious interior space, which is suitable for home, business or tourism. Mercedes-Benz MPV can be bought in the price range of 300,000 yuan, which is quite respectable. However, the original headlights of Mercedes-Sweeting are equipped with halogen,How to upgrade car lights to full LDE car lights and front headlights。

light source, and the original headlights look dull and empty. After all, the original car has no lens, and the light concentration is limited, and the brightness ~ light is yellow, the irradiation distance is close, and the irradiation range is small. This kind of headlight is easy to cause visual fatigue when driving at night, which affects driving safety and does not conform to the luxurious image of Medesse Sweeting. Therefore, many owners of Mercedes-Benz want to upgrade their headlights to make them brighter, more beautiful and more practical.


So, how to upgrade and modify the headlights of Mercedes-Sweeting? Here, we introduce a more popular and practical method, which is to directly replace the LED headlight assembly. LED headlight is a kind of car lamp using Light Emitting Diode as light source, which has the following advantages:


-LED headlights have high brightness, white light, long irradiation distance and wide irradiation range, which improves the safety and comfort of driving at night.

-The service life of LED headlights can generally reach more than 50,000 hours, which saves the time and cost of replacement compared with halogen lamps.

-The power consumption of LED headlights is low, generally only about 1/4 of that of halogen lamps, which saves the electric energy of automobiles and reduces fuel consumption.

-LED headlights are fashionable in appearance, with a variety of styles and colors to choose from, which can be matched according to personal preferences and vehicle characteristics, thus improving the aesthetics and grade of vehicles.


Replace the LED headlight assembly as follows:


-First of all, you need to disassemble the front cover and bumper, take out the headlights of the original car, and be careful not to damage the lines and interfaces of the original car.

-Secondly, choose a suitable LED headlight assembly, which can generally be purchased online or in a professional refit shop. The price is generally between 2,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan depending on the brand and quality. It is recommended to choose some well-known brands, such as Tanjia, whose product quality and after-sales service are relatively guaranteed.

-Then, put the new LED headlight assembly into the car and plug it directly into the interface of the original car. There is no need to change the wiring and remove the lamp, which greatly reduces the risk. Pay attention to check whether the lights are working normally, and whether there is a fault prompt or alarm.

-Finally, fix the front bumper, cover the hood, and keep the replaced original lights for backup or dispose of them. In this way, the headlight upgrade and modification of Medesse Sweeting is completed.


What is the effect of the upgraded Mercedes-Benz headlights? We can look at it from the following aspects:


-From the appearance, the LED headlights are more plump, sporty and full of sense of technology, which is more harmonious with the overall style of Mercedes-Benz and more eye-catching. Some LED headlights also have the function of daytime running lights, which can be lit up during the day and at night, making them more dazzling.

-From the light, the brightness of LED headlights is obviously seconds.