The advantages and installation methods of GL8 all-LED headlights tell you in one article!

Buick GL8 is a representative of a commercial vehicle, which has won the favor of many consumers with its spacious space, luxurious configuration and strong comfort. However, as a commercial vehicle, its headlights are not satisfactory. The far and near lights of the original car are halogen lamps, which have poor lighting effect and low driving safety at night. Moreover, halogen lamps have short service life and high power consumption, which does not conform to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, many GL8 car owners want to change their cars into better headlights. So, is GL8 full LED headlights a good choice? This article will introduce five advantages and installation methods of GL8 full LED headlights for you, hoping to help you.

Five advantages of GL8 full LED headlights:

1. Brighter and clearer. The light source of LED headlights is composed of multiple light-emitting diodes, which can emit white light with high brightness, high color temperature and high contrast, which is closer to sunlight than the yellow light of halogen lamps, and can provide a clearer vision, so that drivers can better identify road conditions and obstacles and improve the safety of driving at night. Moreover, the light beam distribution of LED headlights is more uniform, which will not produce glare and will not affect the line of sight of the other vehicle, making it more humanized.
2. Save more electricity and energy. The power consumption of LED headlights is about 1/3 of that of halogen lamps, which can effectively reduce the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of vehicles and conform to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Moreover, the heat of LED headlights is very low, which will not damage the shell and lens of the headlights, and will not affect the cooling system of the vehicle, thus prolonging the service life of the headlights.
3. More beautiful and fashionable. The appearance design of LED headlights is more exquisite, which complements the body style of GL8, adding to the aesthetics and fashion sense of the vehicle. Moreover, the lighting effect of LED headlights is more cool, which can automatically adjust the brightness and angle of lights according to different driving modes and road conditions, realize intelligent lighting control, and let drivers enjoy a more advanced driving experience.
4. Smarter and more convenient. The lighting system of LED headlights is connected with the electronic system of the vehicle, and the lighting can be set and adjusted through the dashboard or multifunctional steering wheel of the vehicle without manual operation, which is more convenient and faster. Moreover, LED headlights also have the functions of automatic switch, automatic adjustment, automatic cleaning, etc. They can automatically turn on or off the lights according to the starting, flameout, steering, wiper and other States of the vehicle, or automatically clean the lights according to the dirt degree of the lights, so that drivers do not have to worry about the maintenance of the lights.
5. More stable and durable. LED headlights have simple structure, no fragile filament and bulb, strong shock resistance and impact resistance, and are not easy to be damaged. Moreover, the service life of LED headlights is more than 10 times that of halogen lamps, which can reach more than 100,000 hours, and can basically be the same as that of vehicles, without frequent replacement, saving maintenance cost and time.

Installation method of GL8 full LED headlight:

If you want to replace your GL8 with full LED headlights, you have two choices, one is to buy the original LED headlight assembly, and the other is to buy professional lens LED headlights. The original LED headlight assembly is provided by Buick official, and its quality and compatibility are guaranteed, but the price is high, which costs tens of thousands of yuan. Professional lens LED headlights are provided by third-party manufacturers, and its price is relatively low, generally around several thousand yuan, but it is necessary to pay attention to choosing manufacturers with good quality and reputation to avoid buying inferior products. No matter which way you choose, you need to find a professional lamp-changing master to carry out nondestructive installation to avoid damage to the vehicle.